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Fire Protection:

  1. Plant personnel should be thoroughly trained in the emergency procedures required for fires, explosions or accidental spills. Cooperative liaison should be established between the plant officials and the local fire authorities for emergency planning and the exchange of information of mutual interest. If a fire occurs in the organic peroxide storage area, the automatic extinguishing system should be allowed to take over and all personnel should leave. Do not approach the fire or attempt to use fire extinguishers. An explosion is a possibility.

  2. Should a fire occur in the vicinity of the organic peroxide storage area, maintain a cooling water spray over the outside of the containers to guard against overheating.

  3. Fires in the manufacturing area should be extinguished with the usual fire fighting equipment. If an organic peroxide should be involved, water (fog or spray preferred) should be applied from a safe distance; in any event, peroxide containers in the fire area should be wet down as a precautionary measure.

  4. Fire drills and inspections should be regularly scheduled. Plant personnel should be trained in the use of fire fighting equipment.


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