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Supervision & Maintenance:

  1. The vast majority of fires or accidents involving organic peroxides are due to poor housekeeping, maintenance or supervision. Good housekeeping and maintenance of the plant facilities and equipment are essential in all organic peroxide storage and processing areas. A program should be established to accomplish these objectives.

  2. The handling of organic peroxides in the storage and manufacturing areas should be assigned to qualified and trained personnel who are fully aware of the hazardous character of the materials. Special care should be employed to prevent rough handling or dropping of containers. Instructions and warning placards should be posted in the storage building and manufacturing area.

  3. Organic Peroxides that have been spilled should be absorbed in an inert material such as dry sawdust then immediately moistened, removed from the operating area, diluted and stored in a polyethylene bag outside, out of the sunlight and disposed of as required by local, state and federal regulations. If packaging material becomes contaminated with an organic peroxide, place in a polyethylene bag and wet with water. Store out of the sun.

  4. The performance of maintenance and repair work in the organic peroxide storage or processing area should require a "permit" from supervisory personnel. The organic peroxides should be removed or adequately safeguarded while this work is being done.

  5. The building grounds should be kept free of combustible materials, such as Trash, Dry weeds and Grass.


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