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DATE: 7th January '2006.

The Plasti Pigments production plant is located in the outskirts of the industrial area of Vashi. It took us almost an hour to reach the factory by road. The location was surrounded with many factories. The silence was at its highest altitude as I could hear only the chirping of the birds.

On the Left hand side of the entrance is a well-maintained garden for employees to relax. The office is exactly opposite to the garden.



Mr. Hiren Dhruva.

That is the Inside of the office where the official staff is placed. The cabin seen on the left side is the director's cabin.

Mr. Hiren Dhruva is seen co-ordinating with the factory workers. The respect and devotion that the worker's showed is worth talking about. The behavior and attitude that was observed clearly meant that the company management had done a lot for the workers and that they are happy and satisfied working at Plasti Pigments.

Co-ordinating with the wrokers.

Lets have a look at the official staff at the factory. The two employees seen in the picture are well-mannered and hard working individuals. It was their first time distributing the salaries to the workers and they managed it very well. They stayed back till 8pm and finished all the work.

Roopali and Sanjay.

Here comes the shy guy. The chemist is a kind-hearted and knowledgeable person who directs the company workers and manages the quality check.

Another Sanjay on the block.

The Main Production Unit.

Lets go ahead and move towards the production unit. This is the nucleus of the factory where major chemical reactions are carried out.




Containers for Shipping.

The freshly produced peroxide is stored in these containers for shipping.


Refining and Packaging.

These pictures show the process of manufacturing of Benzoyl peroxide powder. It is refined and packaged for shipping as seen in the second and the third picture.


Dean & Stark Apparatus

There is a in-house Research & Development Laboratory inscribed in a single room which has certain equipments to carry out research as seen in the pictures.



That covers most of the Plasti Pigments Production plant where the manufacturing of its range of PLASPEROX products take place.

Pictures and write-up by:

Vinay Patel.


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