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Promoter :

Plasti Pigments Pvt. Ltd. (PPPL) was promoted and started by Mr. Shashikant Dhruva, in 1971, with the manufacture of Synthetic Pearl Pigments for the first time in India. Till then, the country depended solely on imports. PPPL, thus, had the distinction of being a pioneer in this field.Currently the Company is run by his son Mr. Hiren Dhruva.

Diversified Applications :

Although India's import of synthetic pearl pigment was not insignificant, its application in the initial stages was limited only to a few areas. But the indigenous availability from Plasti Pigments ushered in a new era; the areas of application steadily widened and diversified.

Used for imparting pearl-like lustre to most of the common plastic materials such as Acrylic, PVC, Polyester, Polythene, Polystyrene, Cellulose Acetate, etc., a very large number of articles can be pearlised by using PPPLs synthetic pearl essence.

Diversification Into Organic Peroxides :

Having established a name in the area of synthetic pearl essence and bringing about a new culture in its application, which is evidenced by its wider use; PPPL, as part of its growth and diversification programme, made its entry, in the year 1976, into a new field - Organic Peroxides - by introducing Benzoyl Peroxide.

 By 1982 PPPL was manufacturing, at its factory located on the Thane-Belapur Road, as many as six other peroxides, such as, Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide, Cyclohexanone Peroxide, Tertiary Butyl Hydro Peroxide, Tertiary Butyl Per Benzoate and Di-tertiary Butyl Peroxide.

 Today it is one of the largest manufacturers of Organic Peroxides in India. PPPL has been a hallmark for quality that matches and sometimes surpasses international standards and consistency.

A word about Organic Peroxides :

Organic Peroxides are most commonly used as catalysts in suspension, emulsion and bulk polymerization. They act as free radical sources.

Plasti Pigments's In-House R & D Develops Know-How :

It speaks of the spirit of enterprise, innovation, vision and an urge for self reliance that PPPL developed its peroxides through its own in-house R & D. The fact that PPPL was a small scale unit did not deter it from setting up an in-house R & D at a very early stage itself. Some of the peroxides developed and marketed by PPPL were actually imported into India at a time when the foreign exchange situation of India was in a precarious condition. Hence in this field of peroxides also PPPL made a significant contribution towards India's import substitution efforts. Incidentally, PPPL is the only unit marketing these peroxides on an all-India basis as well as exporting them to different countries in the World.

Awards :

1.Gold Medal
2.Udyog Patra
3.Udyog Rattan

Plasti Pigments has won the Gold Medal for being the first in the country to manufacture pearl pigment in India. PPPL has a humble but noteworthy status of a pioneer in the realm of India's industrial development.

 The promoter, Mr. Shashikant Dhruva, was conferred the 'Udyog Patra' award for self-made industrialist. The award was conferred by the then Vice President of India, Hon. Mr. B.D. Jatti, in August 1979 and marked the Government's appreciation of PPPL's efforts in the manufacture of international standard products and also the promoter's entrepreneurial talent.

As further evidence of its pioneering status and tremendous growth at a difficult time in India's industrial development, Mr. Shashikant Dhruva and Plasti Pigments were awarded the 'Udyog Rattan' award at the hands of the then President of India, Hon. Mr. Zail Singh.


Plasti Pigments Pvt. Ltd. is a member of the following :

1. CII (Confederation of Indian Industries)
2. IMC ( Indian Merchants Chamber)
3. CHEMEXCIL ( Chemical Export Promotion Council)
4. TBIA ( Thane Belapur Industries Association)
5. MEDC (Maharashtra Economic Development Council)
6. CETP ( Thane Belapur Common Effluent Treatment Program)
7. TTWMA ( Trans thane Creek Solid Waste Management Program)


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