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Technical Data :  
Molecular Weight 242
Form Fine Granules
Benzoyl Peroxide 74 76 %
Water Content 24 26 %
Active Oxygen 4.79% - 4.99%
Peroxide Purity 98% on dry basis (min)
Colour White
Odour None
Taste None
Free Benzoic Acid 0.5 % on dry basis (max)
Total Chlorine 0.4 % on dry basis (max)
Miscibility :  
Insoluble Water
Slightly Soluble Petroleum ether, Alcohols, Glycols and Vegetable Oils
Soluble Acetone, Ether, Vinyl Chloride and Phthalates
Largely Soluble Aliphatic Ketone
Thermal Stability :  
Exothermic Decomposition Point 64 Degrees Celcius
Drop Hammer Sensitivity  37
Friction Sensitivity 700
Though this product is stable at ordinary room temperature, being of an explosive nature it is necessary to store in the shade and away from direct heat, spark or open flame.  Contact with concentrated acids and alkalies may cause spontaneous decomposition.




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